Core activities

Activity 1. Data integration, biobanking and Omics Technology

ACCC Tumor Documentation, Participation in Data Warehouse (Heidelberg, Dresden, Athens), Re-use local data management for ''ACCC Biobank'', Pave the way for participation in European initiatives (e.g. DKTK, Cancer Core Europe, BBMRI-ERIC).

Refers to all selected cancers.  Head and neck, ovarian cancer, paediatric cancers initially.


Prof. S. Wiemann, Prof. Dr. F. Ückert (DKFZ) / Prof. E. Patsouris, Prof. A. Bamias, Dr. A. Chatziioannou (NHRF, Univ. Athens)

Data Integration
Key researchers-clinicians: A. Psyrri, A. Kattamis, M. Lablans, R. Knurr

Biobanking and Omics Technology
Key researchers-clinicians : A. Psyrri, A. Kattamis, M. Lablans, R. Knurr


Activity 2. Colorectal Cancer

Clinical level
Precision medicine translational approach, Genetic landscape of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer, heterogeneous Sporadic CRC clones, MSI related clinical trial, DNA repair, immunological profile.

Translational level
Establishment of 3D spheroid systems and patient derived xenografts (PDX). Patient oriented combination protocols, preclinical.


Prof. D. Jäger, Dr. N. Halama (DKFZ) / Dr. A. Pintzas, Prof. E. Patsouris (NHRF, Univ. Athens)

Key researchers-clinicians: Prof. D. Jäger, Dr. N. Halama (DKFZ), S. Wiemann, A. Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss, C. Ball, Dr. A. Pintzas, Dr. G. Zografos, D. Yannoukakos, A. Chatziioannou, V. Zoumpourlis, V. Souliotis, Prof. E. Patsouris (NHRF, Univ. Athens)


Activity 3. Multiple Myeloma

Standardization of the clinical data and biobanking, outcome of populations of special interest, asymptomatic myelomas, analysis of DNA damage response and repair.


Prof. Dr. H. Goldschmidt, Prof. Dr. A. Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss (DKFZ) / Prof. Dr. M.A. Dimopoulos, E. Terpos, E. Kastritis, V. Souliotis (NHRF, Univ. Athens)

Key researchers-clinicians: Coordinators, Dr. C. Sachpekidis




Activity 4. Pediatric Cancer

The main aim of this project is to involve the ACCC Pediatric Oncology Department in ongoing molecular matching studies in pediatric (neuro-)oncology to allow for participation in stratified European trials (e.g., PNET5 or trials using molecular targeted drugs).


Prof. Dr. S. Pfister (DKFZ) / Prof. Dr. A. Kattamis (NHRF, Univ. Athens)




Activity 5. Small animal imaging

Small animal cancer imaging, development of optical imaging probes by coupling nanoparticles with appropriate biomolecules (peptides, monoclonal antibodies) and fluorescent dyes or conjugated polymers, for targeted imaging of diseased sites.


Prof. Dr. A. Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss (DKFZ)  / Dr. V. Gregoriou, Dr. A. Pintzas (NHRF)

Key researchers-clinicians: Coordinators, C. Chochos, P. Bouzioti, A. Provata