Organization and Management

Administrative Director

Dr V. Gregoriou (NHRF)

Board of Directors

Dr. V. Gregoriou (Director and Chairman of the Board at NHRF)

Professor M.-A. Dimopoulos, MD (Uni. Athens, Rector)

Professor E. Patsouris, MD (Uni. Athens)

Dr. A. Pintzas (NHRF)

Professor A. Bamias, MD (Alexandra Hospital)

Professor A. Kattamis, MD (Ag. Sophia Hospital)

Dr. D. Yannoukakos (NCSR Demokritos)

Professor Dr. A. Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss, MD (DKFZ)


International Advisory Committee

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. H. zur Hauzen, MD (DKFZ)

Professor Dr. J. Puchta (DKFZ)

Professor Dr. M. Baumann, MD (DKFZ)

Professor P. T. Hammond (MIT)

Professor S. Linardopoulos (ICR)


Sectoral Co-ordination (Steering) Committees

Clinical Research

  • Professor A. Bamias, MD (Uni. Athens)
  • Professor A. Kattamis, MD (Uni. Athens)
  • Professor A. Psyrri, MD (Uni. Athens)
  • Dr. G. Zografos, MD (General Hospital of Athens G. Genimmatas)
  • Dr. G. Koumakis, MD (Agios Savvas)

Molecular Diagnostics

  • Professor Ε. Patsouris, MD (Uni. Athens)
  • Dr. D. Yiannoukakos (NCSR Demokritos)
  • Professor Ε. Lianidou (Uni. Athens)
  • Dr. V. Souliotis (NHRF)

Translational Research

  • Dr. Α. Pintzas (NHRF)
  • Ass. Prof. Α. Saetta (Uni. Athens)
  • Dr. Α. Chatziioannou (NHRF)
  • Dr. Ε. Konstantopoulou (NCSR Demokritos)