Core activities

Activity 2. Colorectal Cancer

Clinical level

  • Precision medicine translational approach
  • Genetic landscape of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer
  • Heterogeneous Sporadic CRC clones
  • MicroSatelliteInstability (MSI) related clinical trial
  • DNA repair immunological profile

Translational level

  • Establishment of 3D spheroid systems and patient derived xenografts (PDX)
  • Patient oriented combination protocols
  • Preclinical studies


Professor Dr. D. Jäger, Dr. N. Halama (DKFZ) / Dr. A. Pintzas (NHRF), Professor E. Patsouris (Univ. Athens)

Key researchers-clinicians
DKFZ: Professor Dr. D. Jäger, Dr. N. Halama, Professor Dr. S. Wiemann, Professor Dr. A. Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss, Dr. C. Ball
NHRF: Dr. A. Pintzas, Dr. A. Chatziioannou, Dr. V. Zoumpourlis, Dr. V. Souliotis
Univ. Athens: Prof. E. Patsouris, Ass. Prof. Α. Saetta
General Hospital of Athens G. Genimmatas: Dr. G. Zografos
NCSR Demokritos: Dr. D. Yannoukakos