Strategic Partnership between
the Athens Comprehensive Cancer Center ACCC
and the DKFZ/NCT Heidelberg
for Individualized Cancer Medicine

ACCC for Precision Medicine
Tailored therapeutic protocols based on the profile of the individual cancer patient

Advances in tumor prevention, diagnosis and therapy in the last decades have revolutionized cancer treatment. The diversity of the therapeutic modalities as well as the complexity of treatment options related to patients with advanced tumors require a multidisciplinary approach in order to develop the optimal therapeutic strategy for each patient. An important basis to achieve these goals is the establishment of a comprehensive cancer center.

The development of a Comprehensive Cancer Center in Athens (ACCC-Athens Comprehensive Cancer Center) will involve a careful selection of laboratories, research centers and universities, public hospitals, and, potentially, a collaboration with companies from sectors such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and bioinformatics.

Founding of the ACCC has already started in 2017. Plans for ACCC have already been approved by the Board of Directors of the coordinating organization National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) and are strongly supported by participating researchers and clinicians of the co-operating partner organizations.

The Athens Comprehensive Cancer Center-ACCC aims to position itself as the first comprehensive cancer center in Greece based on innovative strategies for precision oncology.


The main objective

of ACCC will be to strengthen interdisciplinary cancer research and in particular to improve the lives of patients with these multi-factorial and heterogeneous diseases.