Alexandra Hospital - University of Athens, Medical School




Alexandra Hospital - University of Athens, Medical School

Scientific coordinator: Prof. A. Bamias


The Hematology / Oncology University Clinic and its Therapeutic Unit, as well as the Gynecology Clinic of Alexandra Hospital is in progress in a significant number of international clinical protocols for the treatment of multiple myeloma patients, primary amyloidosis, Waldenstrom macroglobulinaemia, ovarian, kidney, breast, prostate cancer. The research activity of the clinics is particularly important at international level, with numerous publications in international scientific journals and publications in Greek and international scientific conferences. More than 8500 treatment sessions are administered each year and more than 700 new patients are coming to treatment.

Scientific fields: Urinary cancers, multiple myeloma, leukemias, gynecological cancers, angiogenesis



A. Therapeutic Clinic
Faculty members: Prof. Meletios A. Dimopoulos (Managing Director), Rector of the University of Athens. Prof. M.-A. Dimopoulos has more than 700 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Aristotelis Bamias: Prof. A. Bamias has more than 220 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Evangelos Terpos, Prof. Efstathios Kastritis

B. Gynecology Clinic: Prof. A. Rodolakis, Prof. C. Dimitrakakis

C. Laboratory of Genetics: Dr. A. Pampanos